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Tim Gaffney

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 Why you should Use On Target Recruiting?

By Tim Gaffney


1. Recruiters are door-openers to the best jobs. The independent or third-party recruiters are called Executive Recruiters, CPG Recruiters, Headhunters, Executive Search Consultants and Management Staffing Consultants. We think the best recruiters will provide you with a significant advantage over other candidates who just send in their resumes with no formal introduction. Going into a company’s website with a resume is sometimes a “black hole”. We have a special path with On Target Recruiting… a clear path to the hiring managers for you.


2. Recruiters overall are professionals…. but you can find some really crummy recruiters, so be careful! Recruiters are clearly an advantage in your job search. It's a big mistake to think that you, the job seeker, are closest to a recruiter's heart. We get paid by the employer, but we need you to close the deal. You are very important, and we have your best interest at heart. Our best companies are the companies that hire On Target Recruiting and they want to find the best candidates, paying us a percentage of the job's first year compensation…that’s how we make our living. You pay nothing, but get a lot of coaching and help!


3. Some recruiters misrepresent their services. Any third-party employment service provider who asks you to pay a fee is not a recruiter but an employment agent. All of our compensation is client paid.


4. Search firms come in two basic business models -- "retained" and "contingency". Many search firms use both opportunities. On Target Recruiting does both, but we are basically contingency focused. We do not get paid until you accept the job offer. We like that as it gets us lots of opportunities to work with a wide diversity of companies…which is great for you.


5. Retained search firms do not have a monopoly on great jobs. Mid-level managers and professionals are well served by hard-working contingency recruiters who don't eat until you eat. This is the reason you need to contact On Target Recruiting.


6. A recruiter’s focus matters -- function, industry and locale. A high tech recruiter doesn’t want to waste time on candidates for nursing, for instance. You need to go to our website to see the positions we are working on. These are all top level positions being worked by top recruiters. All jobs are real searches being handled by a professional recruiter who has access to the HR department and hiring manager of the client company. Check the website often as jobs change daily. We want our website to help your search. Research is easy with the On Target Recruiting’s website and the search features provided. Use them to your full advantage.


7. On Target Recruiting is part of a national network of highly skilled professionals all specializing in the same type of searches as On Target. All of the positions you will see posted on our site are being handled by one of the recruiters in our network. You and I will talk about the position and I will give you more information. If we both agree to proceed, I will forward your resume to my recruiting partner handling the search. They then will provide you with more detailed information. Your resume will never go to a client or another recruiter without you agreeing to it. This recruiting network provides you, the candidate with far more job opportunities, all handled on one website.


8. On Target Recruiting and our recruiting partners are not magicians. You may not get the job even when you are a supremely qualified finalist, and are coached and presented in the best way.


When a client says “Keep looking.” this is also very tough on us. OTR as a recruiter is as disappointed as you, the job seeker. This just means we have not found the best fit for you
...we’ll keep looking.


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