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Tim Gaffney

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Recruiting Tips


The most critical part of the recruiting process is the interview. This can be a phone screen interview as well as face to face interviews. I am here to help coach and direct you through this process with my interview tips as well as advice on follow-up e-mails to interviews. We will get you to the offer stage after having successful interviews. Making you as comfortable as possible so you put your best foot forward during this process is my job. After successful interviews, I will help you through the offer stage of the process. Finally, with an offer in hand, I will lead you through the resignation process with your current company. All of these steps are key pieces of the hiring process which On Target Recruiting will help you with.


Interview Prep I


My job is to prepare you as well as possible for your interview. It is a real tribute that we have gotten to a face-to-face interview. This shows a real and sincere interest in you by the company. This is a major point in the employment process. Your dual role on an interview is to market your skills and interview the company. Timely, appropriate questions not only provide you with valuable information about the company, but questions help create a positive conversational atmosphere between yourself and the company. continue...


Interview Prep II


Preparing candidates for an interview is a service I perform for all of my candidates submitted for positions from middle management through to, and including, CEO positions. By reviewing these points prior to the interview, you will be much better prepared than others competing for the same position. I cover the same items with all candidates in the event there might be something that someone considers very basic, but too some embarrassed to ask. continue...


Interview Follow-up Email


The importance of tailor made follow-up thank you notes can make a difference in landing the job. continue...


Resignation Tips


Changing jobs can be a stress-filled, traumatic experience and employers know they stand a good chance of reversing your decision, at least for a while, if they can just press the right buttons. To eliminate any possible misunderstanding, always submit your resignation in writing. continue ....




“Although you think you're staying, you're really still leaving, but now it will be on their terms, not yours" A counteroffer is merely any type of inducement your current employer uses to dissuade you from leaving, once you have submitted your resignation. continue...


Resignation Letter


A sample resignation letter.


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