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Tim Gaffney

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Subject: FW: Resignation info


May XX, 200X


Mr./Mrs./Ms. Direct Supervisor
Direct Supervisor Title
Company Address Information


Your Name
Your Current Position
Your Address


Dear Direct Supervisor's First Name,


I am writing you to announce that I have decided to resign my employment from (enter your company's name) effective (last date of employment - you should give a two (2) week notice). I appreciate the opportunity that you and (company's name) have given me to develop my professional skills and my career.


My decision to resign is based upon an opportunity that I believe is consistent with my career goals, and therefore, is final.


I will make every effort to leave on the best of terms by completing my assignments and making smooth transitions for those whom will be taking over my responsibilities.


I look forward to having an exit interview discussion if you feel it is appropriate.





Your Nam


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