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    The importance of tailor made follow-up thank you notes can make a difference in landing the job


  • Proofread beyond spelling and grammar. Make sure you are spelling all names correctly. You are going to be judged on your written skills with this note. Pay strong attention to detail that is extremely important.
  • Reiterate your best qualities. Thank-you notes should stress your strong points. A thank-you note is your next chance you have to sell yourself to an employer.
  • Show off your listening skills. Address the issues that were talked about in the interview.. That shows that you really focused on what was going on in the conversation.
  • Tap into the employer’s culture, but keep it professional. It is definitely a plus when you show you are aware of their culture. It is ok to express some individuality; however, an employer primarily wants to see that you know proper business etiquette.
  • Write to every executive you meet. If you interviewed with more than one person at a company, send each a customized than-you note. Do not sent identical ones to each person. Think back to the topics discussed during each interview, and address topics in that interview.
  • Use this opportunity to expand on an answer you may have given during the interview if there are other ideas you want to address. You may also use this as an opportunity to provide additional information about your skills now that you have a better understanding of the position from the hiring manager’s perspective.
  • Send the follow-up note to the interviewers within 24 hours of your interview.
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